Aalam Vithai / Banyan Tree Dried Seed (Raw)


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A banyan tree contains huge loads of supplements . It has B Sitoster, esters, glycosides, leukocyanidin, quercetin, sterols and friedelin. Other than these, it additionally contains bergapten, flavonoid, galactose, inositol, leucopelar, rutin and tanins. It is additionally wealthy in ketones, polysaccharides, sitosterol and toglic corrosive.

Benefits of Aalam Vithai / Banyan Tree Seed 

  • Treats diarrhoea. …
  • Prevents tooth decay and gum disease. …
  • Boosts immunity. ..
  • Prevents inflammation. …
  • Prevents depression. …
  • Treats vaginal infections. …
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. …
  • Lowers cholesterol.

Botanical Name      : Ficus Benghalensis
English Name            : Banyan Tree
Tamil Name                : ஆழம் விதை / Aalam Vithai
Hindi Name                 : बरगद  , बढ़  बीज / Bargad , Barh Beej
Malayalam Name : ആലം വിട്ട / aalam vitta
Telugu Name             : మర్రి చెట్టు సీడ్ / Marri chettu seed

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