Aavarai / Matura Tea Tree Powder


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Benefits Of Aavarai


  • It is referenced in conventional books that individuals going in warm sun pound the leaves of this plant and speed it under their turban prior to venturing out in sun. This way they stay safeguarded from searing hotness and its hurtful impacts.
  • Water absorbed blossoms are useful to oversee cresting sugar levels. It likewise diminishes thirst, consuming vibe of body and eliminates awful scent of body.
  • Dried blossoms and buds are ready as tea and consumed by diabetics.
  • The decoction of roots are useful in relieving obstruction, fever, diabetes, urinary contamination and so forth
  • The bark, blossoms, leavers and natural products taken in equivalent parts ready as decoction for treating diabetes.
  • Water absorbed blossoms are likewise useful in overseeing skin issues.
  • Leaves seared in ghee, cooled and applied over eyelids for eye illnesses like conjunctivitis, Chronic purulent ophthalmia and so forth
  • Decoction of bark is utilized to fix leucorrhoea. It likewise goes about as a coolant.
  • Blossoms can be ground well with turmeric and chick pea powder and utilized as shower powder to treat consuming impression of body and awful smell.
  • Blossoms cooked as Manapagu can be given for Vellai noi, Urinary diseases and consuming sensation in privates.
  • Dried powdered seeds can be ground in water and utilized as eye application for different eye illnesses.


Botanical Name     : Senna Auriculata
English Name         : Matura Tea Tree
Tamil Name            : ஆவாரை / Aavarai
Hindi Name             : तरवार / तरवर / तरवाल / Tarwar/ Tarvar/ Tarval
Malayalam Name: അവരം / ആവീരം / Avaram, Aaveeram
Telugu Name          : తంగేడు / Tangedu

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