Aavaram poo / Tanner flower Dried (Raw)


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About Aavaram Poo

Avarampoo plant is a bush that has little leaves and wonderful yellow blossoms. You can recognize the plant with the yellow blossoms. The product of the plant is a vegetable. We can find avarampoo bushes all over India and Srilanka. Here in Tamil Nadu, you can find this bush effectively and it develops overflow in our ranch

Benefits of Aavaram Poo

  • Anti Microbial Properties: …
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties: …
  • Anti Diabetic Properties: …
  • Antioxidant Properties: …
  • Antihyperlipidemic Properties: …
  • Anthelmintic Properties: …
  • Anti Cancer Properties: …
  • For Hair Growth
  • For Skin Care
  • Anti Pyretic Properties

Botanical Name      : Cassia Auriculate
English Name            : Tanner’s Cassia
Tamil Name                : ஆவாரம் பூ / Aavaram poo
Hindi Name                 : तरवड़ फूल / Tarwar Phool
Malayalam Name : അവരം പുഷ്പം / Avaram puspam
Telugu Name             : తంగేడు  పుష్ప / Tagedu pushpam

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