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About Agathi/ Vegetable Hummingbird

The humming bird tree is also called as Falmingo Bill, Katuday, Katurai, So Dua and Paloma in different parts of the globe.The tree is clad by several vernacular names agathi in Tamil, avisa in Telugu, agase in Kannada.

The red and white flowers are used as vegetables while the yellow and blue are mostly used in medicines. The red group of leafy vegetables are more nutritious as it is loaded with phenolic compounds while the white flower greens are mostly preferred as it is less bitter. The fruit looks like flat, long, thin green beans which can thrive under full exposure to sunlight and is frost-sensitive. The leaves are round, and flowers range from yellow, white, blue to red colour.

Agathi Keerai typically means the green leaves of the plant, a fast-growing tree which grows in a hot humid climate and the tree is indigenous to India, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and also widely grown in Mexico, South West USA.Sesbania grandiflora, also known as Agathi Keerai or the vegetable hummingbird, is a small loosely branching tree belonging to the family Fabaceae and genus Sesbania.

Benefits of Agathi/ Vegetable Hummingbird

  • Bolsters Immunity. Agathi leaves imbued with powerful antioxidants guards the cell membrane against free radical oxidation and scavenges against free hydroxy radicals and avert DNA damage. …
  • Antimicrobial Effects. …
  • Regulates Diabetes. …
  • Prevents Cancer. …
  • Strengthens Bones.

Botanical Name     : Sesbania Grandiflora
English Name           : Vegetable Hummingbird
Tamil Name               : அகத்தி / Agathi
Hindi Name                : अगस्त्य / अगस्त / हत्या / बसना / बाक्पुष्प / वक्रपुष्प / अगासी / चोगची / Aghastya/ Agast/ Hathya/ Basna/ Bakpushpa/ Vakrapushpa/ Agasi/ Chogachi
Malayalam Name: ആഗാട്ടി / ആട്ടി / അകറ്റി / Aagatti, Atti, Akatti
Telugu Name            :  ఎగిసే /  agise

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