Amman Pacharisi / Snake Weed Powder


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Amman Pacharisi / Snake Weed Powder

 About Amman Pacharisi (Snake Weed):-                                

Often this goddess grows everywhere wet. Has astringent and sweet taste and is high in cooling. The flowers are white with a pinch of milk. It is also known as Chitrapaladai. We hear the names of new diseases in our ears because even the names of the foods available in our soil are deadly. What destroys the pain is that the newborn does not get milk.

Amman Pacharisi ( Snake Weed ) and its benefits :–


Intestinal worms.

Heals wounds in the viscera.

Regulates breathing and controls cough.

Stimulates milk secretion in women.

Milk cures warts.

Amman paste for asthma and mouth ulcers

Fear as an adjunct drug.

Heals toenail, bile eruption, gastritis.


Tamil Name             :    அம்மான் பச்சரிசி / Amman Pacharisi.

English Name          :     Snake Weed.

Botanical Name       :    Euphorbia Thymifolia.

Malayalam Name    :  നിലം പാല / Nela Paalai.

Hindi Name              :   दूधिया / Dudhiya.

Telugu Name           :    రెడ్డినే నరాలు / Reddine Narolu.


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