Arapu / Oil Cake Tree Powder


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About Arapu / Oil Cake Tree Powder

Arappu powder is produced using the leaves of Albizia Amara or Arappu tree, a normally observed spice exceptionally made for molding your hair that is totally non poisonous no mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, silicons, fake tones or added scent and is demonstrated to have enumerable advantages. A newly discovered secret stash for non poisonous darlings in United States.

Uses of Arapu / Oil Cake Tree Powder

  • Absolutely no hairfall.
  • Soft and shiny lustrous hair.
  • Very cooling to your hair and the body.
  • Gets rid of dandruff completely.

English Name : Oil Cake Tree
Tamil Name : அரப்பு / Arapu
Botanical Name : Albizia Amara
Hindi Name : कृष्ण सिरिस / Krishna Siris
Malayalam Name: വരച്ചീ / Varachchi
Telugu Name : నార్లిన్గా , నల్ల రేంజ్ / Narlinga, Nalla renga

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