Arasam pattai / Sacred Fig Bark (Raw)


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About Arasam pattai / Sacred Fig Bark Powder:-

The scientific name of the tree is Ficus religiosa. The leaves of the tree has a cordate shape contains distinctive extended drip tip. Arasam Maram is large evergreen or dry season deciduous that grows up to 90ft tall, and the trunk has up to 9ft.

Arasam pattai and its benefits :-

  • The decoction of Peepal bark helps in checking mouth sore.
  • Peepal tree ash useful in breast abscess.
  • Paste of Neem & Peepal tree leaves gives great relief in piles.
  • Applying of Peepal tree ash on chest region it help to check hiccup.
  • The fine powder of Peepal tree bark as local application gives relief in fistula.

Tamil Name                   :    அரச பட்டை / Arasam pattai
English Name               :  Sacred Fig
Botanical Name           :  Ficus Religiosa
Malayalam Name          : അരയാൽ കുര / Arayal / Pippalam kura
Hindi Name                   :  अस्वत्थ छाल /  Aswattha Chhaal
Telugu Name                 :  పిప్పలము ఆకు బెరడు / Pippalamu beradu

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