Arasam Pazham / Peepal Fruit Powder


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About  Arasam pazham ( Peepal fruit ):-

This royal tree is one of the native trees of India. Myths and legends have exalted the trees which contain innumerable medicinal properties. The fruit, leaves, bark, roots and seeds of this tree are all medicinal. Can grow up to about 90ft. The air of the royal tree has the property of relieving the disorders of the womb.

 Arasam pazham ( Peepal fruit )and its Internal benefits :–

. If you grind royal leaves and mix it with whey and drink it
Abdominal pain caused by body heat is cured.

. Cures excessive bleeding in women during menstruation.

. Hemorrhoids are cured.

. Curing improper menstruation.

. Mineral production is high.

. Cure diseases of the uterus.

Arasam Pazham / Peepal Fruit Powder

Tamil Name         : அரசம் பழம் / Arasam pazham
English Name    :  Peepal fruit
Botanical Name   :  Ficus religiosa
Malayalam Name :  അരയാൽ / Arayal
Hindi Name         :  अस्वत्थ, पीपल Aswattha, Pipal
Telugu Name       :  పిప్పలము / pippalamu






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