Arukam Pul / Bermuda Grass Powder


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About Arukam Pul / Bermuda Grass Powder:-

Scientifically termed as Cynodon dactylon. The highly prized ayurvedic plant for its impressive medicinal properties.

Arukam pul and its benefits :-

  • Arukam pul contents lots of Alkalizer.
  • Arukam pul juice is revered for its powerful detoxifying properties. …
  • Its helps in Skin Health and Boosts Immunity.
  • Its Regulates Blood Sugar and Potent Diuretic. …
  • Juice with remarkable amounts of healing plant compounds it helps in keeps you energetic and refreshing in the whole day.

Tamil Name                   :    அறுகம்புல் / ARUKAM PUL
English Name               :   Bermuda grass
Botanical Name           :   Cynodon Dactylon
Malayalam Name          : അരയാൽ കുര / Karuka
Hindi Name                   :  अरुगमपुल वैज्ञानिक /  Dhruva grass
Telugu Name                 :  అరుగంపూల్ శాస్త్రీయ / Garikagaddi

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