Asokam / Ashoka Bark Powder


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About Asokam / Ashoka Bark Powder:-

Ashoka powder is managing skin related problems & maintain clear skin by removing toxins from body due to antioxidant property and helps in managing cancer, diabetes, piles, ulcers, worm infestation & fever.

Asokam / Ashoka bark (Raw) and its benefits :-

Applying of paste of Asokam paste on affected part is very effective in reliving pain.
Ashoka pattai paste is locally applied in case of poisoning as it has antidotal properties.
Reliving the pain by acting on nerves, used in vata conditions.
It is used in the treatment of helminthiasis.
Also Seeds powder ashoka is prevents the reformation of calculi.

Tamil Name                   : அசோகம்/ Asokam

English Name               :   Ashoka Tree
Botanical Name           :   Saraca asoca
Malayalam Name          : അശോക മരം / Karuka
Hindi Name                   :  अरुगमपुल वैज्ञानिक /  Dhruva grass
Telugu Name                 :  అరుగంపూల్ శాస్త్రీయ / Garikagaddi

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