Athimathuram / Liquorice Powder


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Athimauthuram / Liquorice 

Licorice is a wonderful herb for man that nature has given us. Licorice has been used by our senior residents as an excellent remedy for bile and gall bladder diseases. Licorice is different from the root of the cedar. There is a lot of sweet taste in it.

Athimauthuram (Liquorice) and its benefits :-

. It is the best medicine for viral infections

. This licorice is great for stomach digestion

. Colds and coughs in children.

. Menstrual inflammation in women will go away

. Good for constipation

. Purifies the blood in the body

Tamil Name                    :    அதிமதுரம் / Athimauthuram
English Name                  :    Liquorice
Botanical Name              :   Glycyrrhiza Glabra
Malayalam Name            : ഇരട്ടി മധുരം / Earatti Maduram
Hindi Name                     :    मुलेठी / जेठीमधु / Mulethi, Jethimadhu
Telugu Name                   :    యష్టిమధుకం / అతిమధురం / ఇరాత్తిమధురం / Yashtimadhukam /
Atimadhuram / Irattimadhuram



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