Aththi vithai / Cluster Fig Dried Seed (Raw)


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About  Aththi Vithai :-

Goolar is an attractive fig tree with a crooked trunk and a spreading crown. One might wonder how these flowers enclosed in a ball are pollinated. Otherwise, it sheds its leaves in January. Figs have been traditionally used by children to play. Those looking for the flower of goolar should know that the fig is actually a compartment carrying hundreds of flowers.

Internal Benefits of  Aththi vithai :- 

Diabetes can be controlled

It is an excellent remedy to cure constipation.

Botanical Name       : Ficus Racemosa
English Name           : Cluster Fig
Tamil Name              : அத்தி விதை / Aththi vithai
Hindi Name              : गूलर / Goolar
Malayalam Name    : ആട്ടി  വിട്ടുവീതം / Atti vittuvitam
Telugu Name            : పైడి సీడ్ / Paidi

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