Aththi vithai / Cluster Fig Powder


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About Aththi Vithai :-

The size of a fig tree can grow up to about 10 meters. The leaves of this tree have 3 veins. The fruits are slightly elongated and ovate. Scientists have found in the bark, fruit, seed and leaves that phosphorus is present in everything. It is rich in sugar, calcium and protein.

Aththi Vithai and its benefits :-

. External wounds heal blood ulcers
. Controls body heat and provides cooling
. Controls diarrhea , blood diarrhea, etc.
. It cures most of the diseases that afflict women
. Controlling urination

Aththi Vithai / Fig Bark Powder

Tamil Name                    :     அத்தி விதை / Aththi Vithai
English Name                  :    Cluster Fig
Botanical Name              :    Ficus Racemosa
Malayalam Name            : ആട്ടി വിട്ടുവീതം / Atti vittuvitam
Hindi Name                      :    गूलर / Goolar
Telugu Name                    :    పైడి సీడ్ / Paidi

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