Boondi Kottai / Soapnut Dried ( Raw )


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Boondi Kottai / Soapnut 

Tamil Name                    :     பூந்தி கொட்டை ( பூச்சிக்காய் ) / Boondi Kottai
English Name                  :    Soapnut
Botanical Name               :   Soapnuts Trifoliatus
Malayalam Name            : ചവക്കായ് / cavakkaay, uruvanchi
Hindi Name                      :   फेनिल, रिष्ट ,रिष्टक / phenil, risht, rishtak
Telugu Name                    :    కుంకుడుచెట్టు ,ఫేనిలము / kunkuduchettu, phenilamu

About Boondi Kottai / Soapnut :-

Boondi Kottai / Soapnut Powder tree can live up to 30 meters. The soaps we use contain a lot of toxins but this Boondi Kottai / Soapnut Powder is naturally foamy so using this Boondi Kottai / Soapnut Powder will not cause any skin diseases in our body. The Boondi Kottai / Soapnut Powder tree is one of the many gifts that nature gives to human beings.

Boondi Kottai / Soapnut Powder and its benefits :-

. Take a bath with bunti nut and sesame seeds to prevent hair loss
. For protecting the body from odor
. Skin if bathed using this bunti nut. Can prevent diseases
. Protects against bacterial and fungal infections caused by soap
. Prevents dehydration and protects us

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