Brahma Dandi Vithai / Mexican poppy Seeds (Raw)


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About Brahma Dandi Vithai / Mexican poppy Seeds (Raw)

Argemone mexicana is a species of poppy found in Mexico and now widely naturalized in many parts of the world. An extremely hardy pioneer plant, it is tolerant of drought and poor soil, often being the only cover on new road cuttings or verges. It has bright yellow latex.

Benefits of Brahma Dandi Vithai / Mexican poppy Seeds (Raw)

folk medicine applications of prickly poppy included both external and internal remedies. It is listed as a purgative, and as a treatment for chest pains and asthma, and as a curative for bad blood, fading liver, fevers, and bad breath.

Botanical Name : Argemone mexicana
English Name : Mexican poppy
Tamil Name : பிரம்ம தண்டி விதை / Brahma dandi Vithai
Hindi Name : सत्यानाशी / Satyanashi
Thelugu Name : బ్రహ్మదండి / Brahmadandi

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