Carrot Vithai / Wild Carrot Seed (Raw)


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About Carrot Vithai / Wild Carrot Seed (Raw)

Wild carrot or its seed oil is used for urinary tract problems, digestive problems, to induce menstruation, and for other conditions

Benefits of Carrot Vithai / Wild Carrot Seed (Raw)

The seeds are anti-lithic, helping to prevent or clear out sand and gravel from the kidneys, and so are also useful in cases of gout. Like other plants in the carrot family, the seeds are also carminative, helping calm and settle the stomach and easing flatulence.

Botanical Name      : Daucus carota
English Name            : Wild Carrot
Tamil Name                : கேரட் விதை / Carrot Vithai
Hindi Name                 :दूधिया चोटी / Dudhiya choti
Malayalam Name:  മുറികൂടിപ്പച്ച / Murikootipacha
Thelugu Name         : అంట్రింత <span “gautami=”” “,=”” “sans-serif=”” “=””>పులు / Antrinta Pulu

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