Chitharathai / Sitharathai / Lesser Galangal Powder


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Tamil Name                    :     சித்தரத்தை / Chitharathai , Sitharathai
English Name                  :    Lesser Galangal
Botanical Name               :   Alpinia Calcarata
Malayalam Name            : ചിറ്റരത്ത , കോലിഞ്ചി / Chittaratha, Kolinchi
Hindi Name                      :   कुलंजन / Kulanjan
Telugu Name                    :    దుంపరాష్ట్రకము /  Dumparaashtrakamu

About Chitharathai / Sitharathai / Powder :-

Chitharathai / Sitharathai / Powder is a beautiful plant that belongs to the ginger family and is also known as Chinese ginger in Eastern countries. This Chitharathai / Sitharathai / Powder has a high alkaline taste. Shrub This plant can grow up to 3 cm wide. Who will cut the shell to cut the half …? There is a custom for this. This Chitharathai / Sitharathai / Powder has the power to expel mucus from the throat.

Chitharathai / Sitharathai / Powder and its benefits :-

. It is understood to be best for coughs
. Germ infection in the throat is completely reversible
. Prevents bad breath when using Siddhartha
. Cures flatulence disorders
. Cures many ailments like headache, vomiting and fever

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