Chukku / Dried Ginger (Raw)


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Tamil Name                    :     சுக்கு / Chukku
English Name                  :    Dried ginger
Botanical Name               :   Zingiber officinalis
Malayalam Name            : ഇഞ്ചി / Inchi, Enchi
Hindi Name                      :   अदरक / Adrak
Telugu Name                    :    అల్లపు చెట్టు, అల్లము,  / Allam, Allamu,

About Chukku, Sukku / Dried Ginger  Powder :-

Chukku, Sukku / Dried Ginger Powder Our ancestors vowed that there is no superior medicine for Sukku and that there is no superior God to Subramaniam. Chukku, Sukku / Dried Ginger Powder If we have Sukku, the enemy of the disease will not be in our body. Chukku, Sukku / Dried Ginger Powder Sukku can grow up to about 4 feet. Chukku, Sukku / Dried Ginger Powder has a lot of potential to cure many ailments.

Chukku, Sukku / Dried Ginger  Powder and its benefits :-

. General stomach to take on an empty stomach in the morning
Tends to irritate
. Putting it on like a ten will reduce joint pain
. It has a tendency to bile
. This wrinkle that goes away with colds and sneezing
. Drinking this daily is great for refreshing the body
. This wrinkle prevents vomiting and nausea
. Preventing constipation and haemorrhoids
. Drinking this will cure bad breath and toothache

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