Civatai ver / Indian Jalap root (Raw)


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About Civatai ver / Indian Jalap root (Raw)

Indian Jalap is beneficial in the treatment of respiratory disorders such as cough, bronchitis, asthma, and breathlessness caused due to excess mucus. It helps to fight worm infestation in the intestine and provides relief in inflammation, swelling in joints.

Benefits of Civatai ver / Indian Jalap root (Raw)

alap is a plant. People use the root of jalap to make medicine. Despite serious safety concerns, jalap is sometimes used to empty and cleanse the bowels (as a cathartic or purgative), and to increase urine flow to relieve water retention (as a diuretic).

Botanical Name     : Operculina turpethum
English Name           : Indian Jalap
Tamil Name               : சிவதை வேர் , சரளம் / Civatai ver, Caralam

Hindi Name                : निशोथ ,पिठोरी  / Nisoth, Pitohri
Malayalam Name  :   ത്രികോല്പക്കൊന്ന / Thrikoolpakkonna
Telugu Name          : తెగడ, త్రివృత్ తెల్లతెగ /Tegada, Trivrut Tellatega

Family                  :  CONVOLVULACEAE – Trivrit Kula

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