Devatharu, Devadaram / Himalayan Cedar Powder


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About Devatharu, / Himalayan Cedar Powder :-

Devatharu, / Himalayan Cedar Powder is a tree in the Pinocchio family. Native to Madhya Pradesh and the Himalayas. It is a coniferous tree that can grow up to 30 to 40 meters. Although often high in herbs, Devatharu / Himalayan Cedar Powder is an important herb that is especially good for the nerves.

Devatharu, / Himalayan Cedar Powder and its benefits :-

. Controls central nervous system disorders

. Prevents microbial infections and fungal bacteria

. Cures growth disorders

. Gastroesophagitis controls disorders

. Relieves painful urination and fever

. As shortness of breath, hiccups, external injuries
Cures various diseases


Tamil Name                    :     தேவதாரு / Devatharu
English Name                  :     Himalayan
Botanical Name               :   Cedrus Dcodara
Malayalam Name            : ദേവതാരം / Devataram
Hindi Name                      :   देवदार / Devdar
Telugu Name                    :    దేవదారు / Devadaru



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