Ekanayakam,Ponkoranti / Marking Nut Tree Bark (Raw)


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About Devatharu, / Ekanayakam

Ekanayakam / Marking Nut Tree Powder has large hard leaves. This Ekanayakam / Marking Nut Tree Powder is 7.24 cm long and 2.12 cm wide depending on the type of shrub. The base of the stem is rounded and the stems are pointed.

Ekanayakam, Ponkoranti / Marking Nut Tree Bark

. Cures stomach hunger and digestive problems
. This monopoly is widely used for liver enlargement
. Controls jaundice and constipation
. Bleeding and menstruation in women
This monopoly reduces the pain that occurs in the domains
. This monopoly that controls even uncontrollable dehydration

Ekanayakam / Marking Nut Tree 

Tamil Name                    :     ஏகநாயகம் / Ekanayakam
English Name                  :     Marking Nut Tree
Botanical Name               :   Salacia Reticulata
Malayalam Name            : ഏകനായകം / Ekanayakam
Hindi Name                      :   बाला , खास / Bala, Khas
Telugu Name                    :    అనుకుడు  సెట్టు / Anukudu cettu



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