Elumichai Thol / Lemon Peal Dried (Raw)


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About Elumichai Thol/ Lemon Peel :-

Elumichai Thol / Lemon Peel Powder is one of the most widely grown fruits in India .It has a lot of moisture inside and out. This Elumichai Thol / Lemon Peel Powder fruit is also called bile duct mother. It is high in vitamins.

Elumichai Thol/ Lemon Peel and its benefits :-

. Drinking this fruit cures various diseases
. For women with rheumatoid arthritis called Shemik
Citrus is one of the most widely used citrus fruits in the world.
. This fruit helps to reduce body weight
. Helps to strengthen the liver and strengthen the bones
. Cures skin ailments

Elumichai Thol/ Lemon Peel Powder

Tamil Name                    :     எலுமிச்சை  / Elumichai
English Name                  :     Lemon
Botanical Name               :   Citrus limon
Malayalam Name            : ചെറുനാരങ്ങാ  / Cherunaranga
Hindi Name                      :   नीम्बू / Neembu
Telugu Name                    :    నిమ్మ పండు / Nimma pandu



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