Ilavam Pisin / Silk Cotton Tree Gum (Raw)


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About  Ilavam Pisin / Silk Cotton Tree Gum (Raw)

Mochras Pure GumBombax ceiba. also well known as The Cotton Tree. but it is also sometimes known as The Red Silk Cotton Tree or simply Red Cotton Tree; sometimes as Silk Cotton Tree or Kapok tree.


Uses of Ilavam Pisin / Silk Cotton Tree Gum (Raw)

The gum obtained from the tree ( from the flowers) is sometimes used as a substitute for Gum Tragacanth as a thickener in commercial food stuffs as well as its use in bookbinding and cosmetic preparations etc.


Botanical Name : Bombax ceiba

English Name : Silk Cotton Tree Gum

Tamil Name : இலவம் பிசின் / Ilavam Pisin

Hindi Name : शाल्मली / सेमल /Semal / Shalmali

Malayalam Name : ഉന്നമുറിക / Unnamurika

Telugu Name : బూరుగు / Buruga

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