Induppu / Rock Salt Powder


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Induppu / Rock Salt Powder

Tamil Name                    :     இந்துப்பு / Induppu
English Name                  :     Rock Salt
Botanical Name               :   Himalayan Salt
Malayalam Name            : കല്ല് ഉപ്പു /  kallu uppu
Hindi Name                      :   संधा  नमक / Sandha Namak
Telugu Name                    :     రతి  ఉప్పు / Rati Uppu

About Induppu / Rock Salt Powder :-

Induppu / Induppu / Rock Salt Powder This salt is also known as white gold in the Himalayas and is considered rock salt. Himalayan salt is mined in mines in Pakistan.

Induppu / Rock Salt Powder and its benefits :-

. Regulates water levels in the body

. Increases libido

. Closing problems related to sinus. Controls

. Gives strength to bones

. Ideal for restful sleep

. Reduces wrinkles on the face


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50 Grams


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