Jathikai / Nutmeg Powder


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Jathikai / Nutmeg 

Tamil Name                    :     ஜாதிக்காய் / Jathikai
English Name                  :     Nutmeg
Botanical Name               :   Myristica Fragrans
Malayalam Name            : ജാതിക്കാ / Jathikka
Hindi Name                      :   जातीफल / Jati-phal
Telugu Name                    :    జాజికాయ / Jajikaya

About Jathikai / Nutmeg :-

Nutmeg was first used as evidence from the island of Pulau I, one of the ancient islands of Indonesia. This nutmeg was one of the trade items 3500 years ago. Cultivation and production increased in India after the 6th century AD. Nutmeg is one of the main ingredients in the spice trade. Shows nutmeg fruit in a portion of Granada’s National Crore in 1974. It forms a tree nutmeg.

Jathikai / Nutmeg Powder and its benefits :-

. Nutmeg acts as a natural sedative

. Reduces stomach related diseases

. Nutmeg is used for face, skin and hair

. Used to treat problems such as toothache and gums

. Nutmeg oil is used to make rheumatism




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