Kadukkai / Ink Nut, Chebulie Dried (Raw)


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About Kadukkai Pinju / Ink Nut, Chebulie Dried (Raw)

Terminalia Chebula Powder is a well known plant commonly used in many ayurvedic preparations. Dry seeds are powdered and commonly used in Ayurvedic medicines. It is one among the thriphala. Benefits: It is a very good laxative.

Benefits of Kadukkai Pinju / Ink Nut, Chebulie Dried (Raw)

Chebulic myrobalan is used as a bowel regulatory tonic and gentle laxative in Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine. It has emollient properties and bitter principles that encourage peristalsis and proper digestion.

Botanical Name     : Terminalia Chebula
English Name           : Ink Nut, Chebulie
Tamil Name               : கடுக்காய் / Kadukkai
Hindi Name                : हरड़ / Harad
Malayalam Name: കാട്ടുകൈ / Katukkai
Telugu Name            : కరక్కాయ / Karakkaya


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