Kal Thamarai / Kumarika Leaves Dried (Raw)


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About Kal Thamarai / Kumarika Leaves Dried (Raw)

Kumarika is an armed or unarmed climber. Leaves leathery, shining, 7-15 x 4-11 cm, broadly ovate to elliptic, base rounded or shortly wedge-shaped; 3-5-nerved. Leaf stalk 1.5 cm long, base sheathing, with tendrils at the end. Flowers white, in dense umbels in leaf axils, 1-3 on a common peduncle

Benefits of Kal Thamarai / Kumarika Leaves Dried (Raw)

he roots of Kumarika are used for veneral diseases. Also applied in rheumatic swellings and given in urinary complaints and dysentery.

Botanical Name     : Smilax ovalifolia

English Name          : Kumarika Leaves Dried

Tamil Name              : கல் தாமரை / Kalthamarai

Hindi Name              : कुमारिका / Kumarika

Malayalam Name  : കാല താമര / kaltamara


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