Kalarchi Kaai / Bonduc Nut (Raw)


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Benefits of Kalarchi Kaai / Bonduc Nut, Fever Nut, Nicker Nut Powder

Nickernuts are used to play mancala games such as oware. The nickernut is marble-like and good for other uses, such as for jewellery; it is also sometimes ground up to make a medicinal tea. The seeds are often found on the beach, and are also known as sea pearls or eaglestones.

Botanical Name     : Caesalpinia Bonducella
English Name         : Bonduc Nut, Febrifuge Nut, Fever Nut, Molucca Bean, Nicker Nut, Sea Pearl
Tamil Name            : கழிச்சிக்காய் / Kalichchikkaai
Hindi Name             : कांटकरंज / कांटीकरंज / कुबेराक्षी / Kantkarej
Malayalam Name: കാളാഞ്ചി / Kalanchi
Telugu Name          :  గచ్చ్చకాయ / కాంతికరంజా / కుబేరాక్షి /  gachchakaya / Kantikaranja / Kuberakshi


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