Kandan Kathiri / Yellow Fruit Nightshade Powder


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Benefits of Kandan Kathiri / Yellow Fruit Nightshade Powder

Solanum virginianum L. herb is useful in cough, chest pain, against vomiting, hair fall, leprosy, itching scabies, skin diseases and cardiac diseases associated with edema . Roots decoction is used as fabrige, effective diuretic and expectorant.

Botanical Name              Solanum Surattense.
English Name            
        Yellow Fruit Night-shade.
Tamil Name                
        கண்டங்கத்திரி / Kandankathiri.
Hindi Name                 
         बड़ी कटेरी / Badi Kateri.
Malayalam Name 
        കണ്ടകാരി വലുതിന / Kantakari Valutina.
Telugu Name             
        పిన్న -ములక /  pinna-mulaka.

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