Karingali / Cutch Tree, Heart Wood Tree Powder


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About Karingali / Cutch Tree Bark (Raw)

Cutch tree is a small thorny tree with fern-like leaves. It forms dense stands that outcompete other plants.
Benefits of Karingali / Cutch Tree Bark (Raw)

Under the name cutch, it is a brown dye used for tanning and dyeing and for preserving fishing nets and sails. Cutch will dye wool, silk, and cotton a yellowish-brown. Cutch gives gray-browns with an iron mordant and olive-browns with a copper mordant.

Botanical Name     :  acacia Catechu
English Name           : Cutch Tree, Heart Wood Tree
Tamil Name               :கருங்காலி / Karingali
Hindi Name                : खैर / Khair
Malayalam Name:   കരിങ്ങാലി /  Karingali
Telugu Name            : చంద్ర , సండ్ర / Chandra, Sandra

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