Karuppu Kungiliyum / Black dammar (Raw)


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About Karuppu Kungiliyum / Black dammar (Raw)

Dammar designates a group of resins obtained from Indian or East-Asian trees belonging to the families Dipterocarpaceae and Burseraceae and principally those of the genera Shorea, Balanocarpus, or Hopea.


Benefits of Karuppu Kungiliyum / Black dammar (Raw)

A solution of dammar in chloroform or xylene is used to preserve and mount thin biological sections for microscopic examination. With oil of turpentine, dammar forms a fine varnish that dries clear, smooth, and hard; it is a widely used picture varnish.

Botanical Name           : Canarium strictum

English Name                :   Black dammar / Black Dhup

Tamil Name                    : கருங்குங்கிலியம் / karugkunkiliyam, Karuppu Kungiliyum
Hindi Name                     :  दूपा / Doopa

Malayalam Name     :  Thelli-തെള്ളികറുത്തകങ്ങല്യം

Telugu Name                 :  తెల్ల దుమారం / Tella Damaramu

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