Kattu Siraham / Canary Dried Seeds (Raw)


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About Kaattu Seeragam :-

Canary seed belongs to the Poaceae, also known as the family of canary grass, so-called because of its resemblance to grass. The canary seed consists of 16.6% proteins, which produce a positive effect on different areas of the digestive system. They usually are hermaphroditic flowers, monocots, and their fruit has plenty of nourishing tissues.

Internal Benefits of Kaattu Seeragam :-

Kills bacteria in the urinary tract.

Very effective against urinary tract infections.

Prevents premature aging.

Disinfection of internal organs like liver, kidney and pancreas

Detoxifies the liver.

Cures gout and other rheumatic diseases.

Botanical Name         :  Phalaris canariensis

English Name             :  Canary Seeds

Tamil Name               :  காட்டு சீரகம் / Kaattu Seeragam

Hindi Name               :  कालीजीरीसोमराजसोहराईबकची / Kalijeeri, Somraj, Soharaai, Bakchi

Malayalam Name     :  കാറ്റ് ജീരകംകൃമിശറ്റ് / Kaattu jeerakam , Krimishatru

Telugu Name             :  అడవి జిలకరఅడవిజిలకరాగారిటికమ్మ / Adavi Jilkara, Adavijilakaroa, Garetikamma



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