Kottai karantai / Indian sphaeranthus Dried ( Raw)


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About Kottai karantai / Indian sphaeranthus Dried ( Raw)

Sphaeranthus indicus or East Indian globe thistle is a flowering plant of the genus Sphaeranthus. It is distributed from Northern Australia throughout Indomalaya. The plant has been studied for its potential health-promoting properties, primarily as an anti-inflammatory

Botanical Name        : Sphaeranthus indicus

English Name            : Indian sphaeranthus

Tamil Name               : கொட்டைக்கரந்தை / Kottai karantai

Hindi Name                : मुण्डी / mundi

Malayalam Name   :  അടയ്ക്കമണിയന്‍ adaykamanian / മിരംഗനീ / mirangani

Telugu Name            : బోడతరము / శ్రావణి  / sravani / boda-taramu

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