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About Madhanakama Poo / Queen Sago Powder

Cycas circinalis, also known as the queen sago, is a species of cycad known in the wild only from southern India. Cycas circinalis is the only gymnosperm species found among native Sri Lankan flora.

Benefits of Madhanakama Poo / Queen Sago Powder

It’s versatile and a primary source of carbs in some parts of the world. Sago contains antioxidants and resistant starch and has been linked to many benefits, including improving risk factors for heart disease and enhancing exercise performance.

Botanical Name          :    Cycas Circinalis Linn Cycas.

English Name                :    Queen Sago.

Tamil Name                    :    மதனகாமப்பூ  /  Madhanakama Poo.

Hindi Name                     :     साबूदाना, साबूदाना, जंगली मदनमस्त का फूल  /   Saaboodaanaa, Sabudana, Jangli Madanmust Ka Phul.

Malayalam Name     :    കല്ലങ്കം  /  Kallangam.

Telugu Name                 :    రానా గువ్వా, పేర ఇట, మదన కామాక్షి  /  Rana Guvva, Per ita, Madana Kamakshi.

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