Magali Kilangu / Swallow Root Dried (Raw)


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About Magali Kilangu / Swallow Root Powder

Swallow-Root is an endemic and endangered plant of Andhra Pradesh. It grows in between the rocks and places where there is thick vegetation. Milky latex is present in the entire plant. Each root is 5-10 cm in diameter and 4-10 roots arise from the rootstock.

Benefits of Magali Kilangu / Swallow Root Powder

Swallowroot is a plant. The root is used to make medicine. People take swallowroot as a “blood purifier” and appetite stimulant.

Botanical Name      : Decalepis Hamiltonii
English Name            : Swallow Root
Tamil Name               : மாகாளிக்கிழங்கு / Magali Kilangu
Hindi Name                : डोडी शाक,जीवन्ति / Dodi Shak,jivanti
Malayalam Name: നറുനീണ്ടി / Naruninti / Nannari
Telugu Name            : మారేడుకొమ్ములు / నాన్నారికొమ్ములు / బర్రేసుజ్ఞాది / మారేడుగడ్డలు / Maredukommulu / Nannarikommulu / Barresugnadhi / Maredugaddalu

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