Manjitti Ver / Indian Madder Root (Raw)


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About Manjitti Ver / Indian Madder Root (Raw)

Rubia tinctorum, the rose madder or common madder or dyer’s madder, is a herbaceous perennial plant species belonging to the bedstraw and coffee family Rubiaceae.

Benefits of Manjitti Ver / Indian Madder Root (Raw)

The root is used to make medicine. Despite serious safety concerns, people take madder by mouth for preventing and dissolving kidney stones, as well as and for treating general menstrual disorders, and urinary tract disorders, blood disorders, bruises, jaundice, paralysis, spleen disorders, and sciatica.

Botanical Name : Rubia cordifolia
English Name : Indian Madder
Tamil Name : மஞ்சிட்டி வேர் / Manjitti Ver
Hindi Name : मजीठ / Majith
Malayalam Name : മഞ്ചട്ടി / Mancatti
Telugu Name : మంజిష్ఠ / Manjishta

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