Marikozhundhu / Marjoram Dried Leaf (Raw)


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Benefits of Marikozhundhu / Marjoram Dried Leaf (Raw)

Marjoram is commonly used for runny nose, cough, common cold, other infections, and various digestion problems, but there is no good scientific evidence to support any use. In foods, marjoram herb and oil are used as flavorings.

Botanical Name : Origanum majorana
English Name : Marjoram
Tamil Name : மரிக்கொழுந்து / Marikozhundhu
Hindi Name : मुरवा , सत्र / murwa, sathra
Malayalam Name : മാർഗ , ചുറ്റണച്ച്ചു / Marugu, Chutanaccu
Telugu Name : మరువము / maruvamu
Sanskrit : dhavanam


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