Masikai / Bluejack Powder


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Benefits of Masikai / Bluejack Powder

Masikai helps overcome bad odor from private areas. Use of Majakani extract solution for washing infected or smelling parts helps overcome foul smell emanating from private parts in women, besides terminating bacteria or fungi residing in these areas.

Botanical Name     : Quercus Incana Roxb
English Name         : Bluejack
Tamil Name               : மாசிக்காய் / Masikai
Hindi Name             : माजूफल / माजूफल / माजू / Maajoophal/ Majuphal/ Mazu
Malayalam Name: മാജക്കാണീ / മഷിക്കായ് / Majakaanee, Mashikkay
Telugu Name          : మంచికాయ / Machikaaya

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