Nithiya Kalyani / Madagascar Periwinkle Powder


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Benefits of Nithiya Kalyani / Madagascar Periwinkle Powder

Despite serious safety concerns, Madagascar periwinkle is used for diabetes, cancer, and sore throat. It is also used as a cough remedy, for easing lung congestion, and to reduce fluid retention by increasing urine production (as a diuretic)

Botanical Name          :        Catharanthus Roseus
English Name            
    :        Madagascar Periwinkle
Tamil Name                
    :        நித்தியகல்யாணி / Nithiya Kalyani /sudukadu Mallikai
Hindi Name            
        :        सदाबहार / Sadabahar
Malayalam Name 
    :        ശവം നാറി / Shavam Naari
Telugu Name             
    :        బిళ్ళ గన్నేరు / Billa Ganneru

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