Orithal Thamarai / tSpadeFlower Dried ( Raw)


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About Orithal Thamarai / SpadeFlower Dried ( Raw)

spade Flower is a perennial herb or small shrub to 60 cm high, smooth or hairy. Leaves are linear to lance-like, 1-5 cm long, margins recurved to revolute, occasionally flat; stipules acuminate, 1-4 mm long. Pink-purple spade-shaped flowers occur solitary.

Benefits Orithal Thamarai / SpadeFlower Dried ( Raw)

Its amazing antioxidant properties helps reduce stress, blood sugar levels and cholesterol. It has high amounts of iron which helps to overcome anaemia. It helps improving body strength and also reduces body heat.

Botanical Name    : Hybanthus Ennea Spermus
English Name           : Greenviolet / Spade Flower
Tamil Name               : ஓரிதழ் தாமரை / Orithal Thamarai
Hindi Name                : रतन पुरुष / Ratan Purush
Malayalam Name: ഒരില താമര / Orilai Thamarai
Telugu Name            : రతంపురుష / Ratanpurusha

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