Parangi Pattai / China Root (Raw)


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Benefits of Parangi Pattai / China Root Powder

Chobchini helps to combat bacterial attack on body, supports healthy lymphatic system. China root helps to purify blood and keep skin problems at bay. Chopchini is also very beneficial herb that is used to improve internal strength and cellular level of body.
Botanical Name     : Smilax Ehineusis Linn
English Name.          : China Root
Tamil Name.              : பரங்கி பட்டை / Parangi Pattai
Hindi Name.               : चोबचीनी / कोब्सिनि / Chobchini/ Cobcini
Malayalam Name: ചിനപ്പാവ്/ സിനപ്പാവ് /പയറു/പാവ് / Chinapaivu, Cinappavu, Pairu, Pavu
Telugu Name.          : గాలి చక్క / గాలి-చెక్క / పాఱంగిసెక్క / ఫిరంగి చక్క / ఫిరంగి-చెక్క / Gaali Chakka/ Gali-chekka/ Parangicekka/ Pirangi Chakka/ Pirangi-chekka

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