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About Parpadaga Pul / Carpetweed Powder

Mollugo verticillata, the green carpetweed, is a rapidly spreading annual plant from tropical America. In eastern North America, it is a common weed growing in disturbed areas. It forms a prostrate circular mat that can quickly climb over nearby plants and obstacles.

Benefits of Parpadaga Pul / Carpetweed Powder

  • When it comes to Carpetweed you need to know only two things: It grows nearly everywhere, or will. …
  • “The entire plant can be cooked and eaten as a potherb, or added to vegetable soups during the last minutes of cooking.” Yes, I know it says “entire” plant but that usually does not include roots.

Botanical Name           : Mollugo pentaphylla

English Name                : Carpetweed Powder

Tamil Name                   : பற்படகபுல் / Parpadaga Pul

Hindi Name                    :  चमस खेत पापड़ ,त्रियष्टि  / chamas, khet papar, triyashti

Malayalam Name   : പർപ്പടകപ്പുല്ല് / parpadaka pullu

Telugu Name                : వెర్రి చాదరాసి / verri chatarasi

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