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About Poduthalai / Frog Fruit / Turkey Tangle Powder

Phyla nodiflora, the frog fruit, sawtooth fogfruit, or turkey tangle, is an ornamental plant in the family Verbenaceae, and is native to the area from northern South America to southern United States. It can be found in tropical areas around the globe, a naturalized species in many places.

Benefits of Poduthalai / Frog Fruit / Turkey Tangle Powder

The Houma tribe of Louisiana would use turkey tangle fogfruit to make a wash for babies too weak or lazy to walk. It has been used in various ways to
  • treat fevers
  • colds
  • boils and wounds.
Some scientific research has found that frogfruit does have some important medicinal properties.

Botanical Name     : Phyla Nodiflora
English Name           : Frog Fruit / Turkey Tangle
Tamil Name               : பொடுதலை / Poduthalai
Hindi Name                : जालपा -पिली , भुईओकर और लुंड्रा /
Malayalam Name: കാറ്റുട്ടിപ്പലി / Kattuttippali
Telugu Name            :  బొకేనాకు / నేలగూరిది /

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