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About Poolankilangu / Spiked Ginger Lily/ Erfume Ginger Dried ( Raw)

White turmeric (Poolankilangu) is a rhizome and a close relative to our regular turmeric. The rhizome has thin brownish skin and a firm white interior. Poolankilangu is very very fragrant and it was used as a aromatic spice from ancient times. But now it is mostly replaced by our regular ginger.

Benefits Poolankilangu / Spiked Ginger Lily/ Erfume Ginger Dried ( Raw)

White turmeric, known as Poolankilangu, Kachur, and Zedoary has glorious medicinal uses and health benefits.

  • It is used extensively to treat acne
  • hyperpigmentation and remove unwanted hair.
  • It is also beneficial in skincare for babies

Botanical Name      : Hedychium Spicatum
English Name            : Spiked Ginger Lily/ Erfume Ginger
Tamil Name                : பூலங்கிழங்கு / Poolankilangu /seemai Kichchili Kizhangu
Hindi Name                 : कपूरकचरी संधरलिका / Kapurkachari Sandharlika,White Haldi
Malayalam Name : കച്ചോലം / Katcholam, Katchooram
Telugu Name             : కచ్చురాలు / గంధ కచ్చురాలు / Kachuralu / Gandha Kachuralu

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