Thalisapathiri / Indian Silver Fir Powder


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Benefits of Thalisapathiri / Indian Silver Fir Powder

The silver fir wood is slightly pinkish white and much appreciated for making frames and joinery products. The fir’s wood is however often shunned in favor of the spruce, considered to be of lower quality. However, it has excellent technological qualities and several advantages over spruce.

Botanical Name : Abies Webbiana
English Name : Himalayan Silver Fir / Indian Silver Fir
Tamil Name : தாளிசபத்திரி / Thalisapathiri
Hindi Name : तालीस पत्र / तालीसपत्र / Thaleesa Patra/ Talispatra
Malayalam Name : താലീസപത്രം / Talisapatram
Telugu Name : టాలీసపత్రి / Thaleesapatri

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