Amukkara Kilangu / Winter Cherry Dried Root (Raw)


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About Amukura (Winter Cherry / Indian Ginseng):-

 Amukkara tuber is one of the most important herbs that can give strength to the body. It is also known as Kandham. Also known as Asuva Kandham (Asuva – Horse), it is said to give strength like a horse. It can grow from two feet to three feet. Amukara explores modern science from many angles in which the immune system is amazed to know. This herb is a good solution for sexual problems in men. This tuber controls allergies in the human corner.

Amukura (Winter Cherry / Indian Ginseng) and its benefits :–

 Controls nerve relaxation.

Rheumatism cures all.

Depression cures insomnia.

It is a cure for fatigue in old age.

This herb is good for weak body.

Relieves from stress.

Stimulates and rejuvenates the cells in the corner.

This herb improves heart rate.

Embracing problems that occur at a young age for men can be solved.

 Tamil Name             :    அமுக்கரா / அமுக்கரா கிழங்கு / Amukkara Kizhangu /


English Name          :     Winter Cherry

Botanical Name       :    Withania Somnifera

Malayalam Name    :    അമുക്കുര / അമുക്കറ കിഴങ്ങു / Amukura / Amukkara Kizhangu

Hindi Name              :    असगंध / कनज़े /पुन्नीर/असगांठ /  asgandh / Kanaje //punnir /asgantha

Telugu Name           :    ఆగారు  / Agaru పనేరు / పెన్నేరు / వాజిగంధ / అశ్వగంధ / Paneru / Penneru /

                                           Vajigandha / Aswagandha  


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