Punga Poo / punga oil tree flower (Raw)


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About Punga Poo / punga oil tree flower (Raw)

Pungam seed oil emerges as the alternative to the chemical pesticides due to its bio-degradability and botanical nature. It is a very good repellent for pests and has various uses other than in agriculture as medicinal (skin diseases), public health care, cosmetic and veterinary applications.

Benefits of Punga Poo / punga oil tree flower (Raw)

Karanja oil is helpful in skin problems like itching, pain or bleeding in case of eczema or abscess due to its Ropana (healing) property. It helps in quick healing of wounds and provides relief from pain. Take 3-5 drops of Karanja oil.

Botanical Name           : Pongamia pinnata

English Name                :    punga oil tree flower

Tamil Name                   :  புங்க  பூ / Punga Poo
Hindi Name                    : करंज / Karanj
Malayalam Name   : പുന്ഗ  പൂ / Punga Poo
Telugu Name                :  కానుగ పూవు / Kanuga poovu

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