Sabja Vithai / Sabja Seeds (Raw)


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About Sabja Vithai / Sabja Seeds (Raw)

Sabja seeds are very hard and you cannot consume them raw. So, they are best consumed after soaking in water, which makes them more gelatinous. Sabja seeds typically come from sweet basil i.e.Ocimum basilicum, which we commonly use as seasoning. As they come from the sweet basil plant, they are commonly referred to as sweet basil seeds.

Sabja seeds, also called tukmaria or basil seeds, are black seeds that look a lot like chia seeds and offer immense health benefits. They are native to India but different from the holy basil- also called Tulsi. Sabja seeds are rich in protein, essential fats, carbs, and are packed with fiber. Surprisingly, they contain no calories.

Benefits of Sabja Vithai / Sabja Seeds (Raw)

1. Basil Seeds Aids Weight Loss

2. Basil Seeds Controls Blood Sugar Levels

3. Basil Seeds Helps Relieve Constipation and Bloating

4. Basil Seeds Helps Treat Acidity and Heartburn

5. basil Seeds Good for Skin and Hair

6. Basil Seeds Helps Cure Cough and Cold

Botanical Name         : Ocimum basilicum

English Name              : Sweet basil / Subja Seeds

Tamil Name                  : திருநீற்றுப்பச்சிலை விதை  / Pachilai Vithai

Hindi Name                  : राम तुलसी / Ram Tulsi

Malayalam Name         : pach-cha-pushpam

Telugu Name                : bhu-tulasi

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