Saranai ver, Charanai / Horse Purslane Root Powder


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About Saranai ver, Charanai / Horse Purslane Root Powder

Trianthema portulacastrum is a species of flowering plant in the ice plant family known by the common names desert horsepurslane, black pigweed, and giant pigweed. It is native to areas of several continents, including Africa and North and South America, and present as an introduced species in many other areas.

Benefits of Saranai ver, Charanai / Horse Purslane Root Powder

Its use as a purgative, cardiac tonic, emollient, muscle relaxant, and anti-inflammatory and diuretic treatment makes it important in herbal medicine. Purslane has also been used in the treatment of osteoporosis and psoriasis.

Botanical Name      : Trianthema Decandra
English Name            : Horse Purslane Root
Tamil Name                : சாரணை வேர் / Saranai ver, Vellai Saranai, Vellaisharunnai, Charanai, Chattichcharanai
Hindi Name                 : सालसाबुनि , सबुनि , विषखपरा  , लाल -सबुनि , सांठी , गङबङी / Salasabuni, Sabuni, Vishakhapara , Lal-sabuni, Santhi, Gadabani
Malayalam Name : വെളുത്ത  തഴുതാമ / Vellutha thazhuthama
Telugu Name             : తెల్లగలిజేరు / Tellagalijeru(root)

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