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About Seruppadai, Siru Seruppadai / Coldenia Procumbens Powder

Coldenia, named after C. Colden, is a monotypic genus of flowering plants traditionally included in the borage family, Boraginaceae sensu lato. It was assigned to the subfamily Ehretioideae, but molecular data revealed it to be more closely related to the genus Cordia, so that other authors placed in Cordioideae

Benefits of Seruppadai, Siru Seruppadai / Coldenia Procumbens Powder

Coldenia procumbens is commonly found as a weed and it is widely distributed in India, Africa and Malaysia. The whole plant has been used in traditional medicine for the

treatment of inflammation, rheumatism, diabetes.

Botanical Name     : Coldenia Procumbens
English Name           : Coldenia Procumbens
Tamil Name               : செருப்படை /  Seruppadai, Siru seruppadai
Hindi Name                : त्रिपुन्ग्की , त्रिपुन्ग्की , त्रिपुन्खी / Tripungkee, Tripungki, Tripunkhi
Malayalam Name:  നിലംപരണ്ട , ചെറുപുള്ളാടി /  Nilamparanda, Cherupulladi
Telugu Name            : బుక్కినకు , చెప్పు  తట్టకు ,  చెప్పుతట్టకు , హంబడి , హంస  పడు , హంసపాది , హంసపాదు / bukkinaku, cheppu tattaku, chepputattaku, hamapadi, hamsa padu, hamsapaadi, hamsapdu

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